Practical Neighbour Law Handbook

Practical Neighbour Law HandbookRICS Books

Written by Alistair Redler, the Practical Neighbour Law Handbook is the first book to take a holistic view of residential property issues and focus on dispute avoidance.
This book is aimed at building professionals dealing with building design and specification and can be used when advising clients on neighbour matters.

Written in a jargon free style, full of practical advice, diagrams and cases, the book covers in detail:

- Boundary determination
- Rights of light
- Daylight and sunlight
- Access to neighbouring land
- High hedges
- Party walls

Reviewer: Tim Calloway, Partner, Shakespeares, Sept 21st 2006

Most lawyers groan when a client brings instructions concerning a neighbour dispute. I do not know whether most surveyors would respond similarly, but either way they could usefully turn to a new book “Practical Neighbour Law Handbook” by Alistair Redler, who appears to be well qualified to write on this difficult topic. This is a useful book which I commend to any surveyor practising in this field, and which would no doubt make a good starting point for a lawyer too.

Reviewer: David J Powell FRICS, Nov 20th 2006

At last! A practical book for everyday use that covers all the most frequent causes of neighbour problems (with their remedies) in one handy volume.

RICS Guidance Note “Party Wall Legislation and Procedure” 6th edition

RICS Books

This guidance note provides advice to surveyors who accept instructions in circumstances where the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 may be relevant. It looks at circumstances where the Act will apply as well as the procedures to be followed where it does. It contains all the specimen forms and letters that are required in this area of work. Alistair Redler was a member of the working group that produced this important guidance note.

RICS Guidance Note “Daylighting and Sunlighting” 1st edition

RICS Books

This guidance note provides advice to surveyors who accept instructions to advise on daylight, sunlight and shadow calculations for developments. It explains the different types of assessment available, reporting procedures and the roles that the Chartered Surveyor will need to perform.  Alistair Redler was chairman of the working group that produced this guidance note.

Party Walls – The Law and the Surveyor’s Role

Party Walls, the Law and the Surveyors RoleCollege of Estate Management

The aim of this study pack written by Alistair Redler is to explain the scope of the Party Wall etc Act 1996 focusing, in particular, on the role of surveyors acting on behalf of Building Owners and Adjoining Owners. It explains the scope of the Act, the role of the surveyors and the legal basis for the surveyor’s role with practical examples of design details that are contentious and gives an explanation of remedies available when things go wrong.

Party Walls Law and Practice

Party Walls – Law and Practice 3rd Edition

Bickford-Smith, Sydenham & Redler

Jordans Publishing

The latest edition of the principal legal text book on Party Wall law, written by two leading barristers with Alistair Redler as a contributing author.

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